Wedding Tips

Wedding ceremonies are as different as each couple is different. Different cultures have many unique traditions. Roger has performed weddings with traditions from the following cultures: Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and he performed a wedding for an African Prince.

With all the details of planning a wedding reception, the ceremony is often the last thing you think about. But it is, of course, where the ultimate meaning lies – and where you have the most opportunity to express yourselves. You have a golden opportunity to make statements throughout your wedding – about what you love about your relationship, about what is important to you both as you begi your life together. Roger can help you to make your wedding as unique as you are.

Dare to be different…your wedding should be rich with personality and culture. Think of all of the things that have meaning for you, and feel free to include them even if they are not completely wedding specific. What’s most important is that these words, readings, and sayings have meaning for you.

Your wedding is ultimately about making a public promise, whether you work with your own words or take up traditional religious vows, you want to really mean what you are saying.

The basic order of the traditional ceremony is:
  • Processional
  • Opening remarks a brief statement aboiut the meaning and value of love and marriage
  • Giving away the bride
  • The Readings, from the Bible or another source, to affirm and support the opening statement about love and marriage
  • Declaration of consent – asks the couple to promise the community that they will create a stable, lasting marriage
  • Exchange of vows- the promises the couple make to each other
  • Ring exchange – exchanged as symbols of the promises made in the vows
  • Blessing – a request by the officiant to God, asking God’s support for the marriage
  • Declaration of marriage- summary of what has just occured
  • Closing words and recessional
All of these elements can be personalized to fit you. Some can be taken out and others put in. It is your day and you have the ultimate freedom to do it your way!

Wedding Checklist & Budget Sheet:

Planning a wedding takes time and careful planning. It can be very overwhelming for the bride and groom to be. To make sure you don’t forget all the details of your wedding, I have provided a checklist for you to print. And to help keep you within your budget and keep track of your wedding expenses, a printable budget sheet is also provided. I hope these tools will help you make your special day to be one of your most memorable times of your life.