About Me

Starlen WeddingsThank you for visiting my site. If you are here then you are in search of a wedding officiate for your wedding day. My name is Roger Morgan and I have been a wedding officiate for over 13 years. I have married over 400 couples. Each couple, each ceremony, and each wedding has been unique and special to me.

It used to be, in generations gone by, that everybody had a local religious leader (minister, priest, rabbi,) who could be counted on to provide the best in local services. That’s not true so much now. Even for those who may have a favorite, that person may not conduct ceremonies, may not always be available to perform a ceremony when needed, or perhaps you are form different backgrounds and can’t decide. So, the search is on.

One of the most important considerations when finding a wedding officiate is that you feel comfortable with that person. You like the way he talks, the way he carries himself and his attitude in general. During one of the most potentially stressful days of your life, you’ll want an officiate who can put you at ease and make sure your needs are met.

It’s customary to meet with the officiate ahead of time to choose or discuss the ceremony. If you have chosen a ceremony already you can take the time to review it with the officiate and clear up any questions or anything you would like changed. It’s also nice to see some pictures from the officiate’s previous weddings to see how the officiate has appeared in other weddings.

Many wedding officiates go to the rehearsal as part of the package, whereas others will charge an extra fee. With each wedding it is different, so that is something to discuss when you meet with your potential officiate.

I also have a certificate and training in Family and Personal Counseling through Elijah House Counseling. I have a deep desire to make sure the couple will have a successful, loving marriage.

Best wishes to you in your search….I hope that your search will end with Starlen Weddings! are now performing weddings in the Boise, Idaho area.

Roger Morgan